A Brand-New PS4 Pro Is Only $320 Right Now

Ebay came out swinging against Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale with a cheeky counter-promotion of its own and a promise to roll out deals over several days. One of those discounts available today is a can’t-miss price on a brand-new PlayStation 4 Pro.

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The PS4 Pro 1TB is going for $320, a whopping 20% off its regular MSRP. It’s listed among Ebay’s Deals page, which is currently running a “Hot Deals for Hot Days” sale with new discounts daily through July 22. This is all centered around beating Amazon at its own summer sales game, including an “Ebay Crash Sale” planned to compete directly with the retailer on July 15, when Prime Day begins. Ebay promises that if Amazon crashes, it will trigger extra discounts to be unlocked on its site.

See PS4 Pro at Ebay ($320) ยป

Ebay also boasts that many of its sale items include free shipping without a membership, unlike its competitor. Some other notable deals that have already gone up include:

Amazon has been successful marking mid-summer as a destination for deals, and more than past years other retailers are stepping in to join the fray with their own discounts. Ebay is the one most directly targeting Amazon with its messaging, but a GameStop Summer Sale and Target Deal Days both overlap with Prime Day as well. And if you do pick up a shiny new PS4 Pro, you can also get some great deals on PS4 games to go with it.

Source: gamespot.com

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