Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Technician Class Guide

While some classes in Aliens: Fireteam Elite are geared for a gung-ho approach to taking on the Xenomorph hordes, the Technician is a soldier with a skillset that keeps cannon fodder at bay so that their teammates can focus on bigger threats. Equipped with the ability to turn any area into a secure point with their turret and able to hinder any enemy advance, Technicians bring crowd control to a fight and pairs well with other classes such as the Demolisher or Gunner. Here’s a look at how best to use the Technician when you’re deep in enemy territory.


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Like several other classes, Technicians have access to pistols and close-quarter weapons. When you start out with this class, the default guns will be a Magnum pistol and a shotgun, although you’re able to swap these out for more automatic options like submachine-guns,


  • Charged coils
  • Turret

The Technician’s Charged Coils are a handy method for slowing down enemies and can be thrown directly into them or placed as a trap on surfaces. When dealing with armored opponents like Xenomorph Warriors or Praetorians, this ability comes in especially handy for staying out of harm’s way while the rest of your team can destroy its thick armor. As for the turret, it’s a handy tool for drawing enemy aggression away from you and it has several upgrades that allow it to fire further, faster, and harder. Or you can just swap it out for a flamethrower turret, which will apply a burn effect on anything that isn’t melted by its initial attack.

Unique ability – Cross-platform synergy

Allies standing near your turret take 10% less damage. When you stand near your turret, it regenerates 5% of its health every second.

Core perks

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  • Technician Handgun Training – Handgun accuracy and weak-point damage increased by 15%.
  • Technician CQW Training – Accuracy and reload speed of CQWs increased by 15%.
  • Resonating Impact – Turret gains a 10% chance to cause stumble effect, stumbled enemies take 10% more damage for six seconds.
  • Scalable Machine Learning – Turret gains 10% reload speed and stability when an enemy is killed, stacks up to five times.
  • Strategic Tactics – +10% stun recovery, +20% debuff duration, +20% turret health.


  • Incinerator turret – More durable flamethrower turret replaces regular version.
  • Heavy turret – Replaces regular turret with version that deals massive damage but has a decreased rate of fire.
  • Compatibility Matrix – Deal 10% more damage when this ability is active, stacks up to three times.
  • Agile practices – Increase move and reload speed by 10% for eight seconds, does not stack.
  • Collaborative analytics – Cross-platform synergy also increases ally accuracy and recharge speeds by 10%.
  • Dynamic delivery systems – Turret fires 10% faster and does 25% more damage to armor.
  • Technician CQW expertise – Magazine capacity and ADS movement speed of CQWs increased by 15%.
  • Technician handgun expertise – Handgun fire rate and reload speed increased by 15%.
  • Modular integration – Each stack of Scalable machine learning increases accuracy and fire rate by 5%.
  • Deep Leverage – Any target affected by Resonating Impact from you or your turret has a 15% chance to be knocked down, tis can only be applied once every 10 seconds.
  • Technician handgun mastery – Increase range and aim assist of handguns by 15%.
  • Technician CQW mastery – Increase fire rate and stability of CQWs by 15%.
  • Real-time resource reclamation – When a turret is destroyed, it explodes and deals damage. Base recharge time of turret reduced by five seconds.
  • Hyperlocal logistics – Turret health regeneration rate increased when you are near it, fire rate increased by 10%.


The Technician’s core strategy should be focused on getting a turret up and using it as a focal point for your team. As it’ll be a prime target for enemies, that gives the Technician plenty of opportunities to throw in a few Charged Coils to slow down the quicker Xenomorph runners and pick them off before they get too close, as the class synergizes well with close to medium-range weapons. While the Demolisher and Gunner excel as damage-dealers, Technician’s are more reliant on the tools at their disposal to survive ambushes and once the turret has been sufficiently upgraded, it’s essentially a fourth member in a fireteam that plays extremely well with the Medic’s healing pod and the Recon loadout’s pod that supplies a steady stream of ammo.

Its variants may be more situational, but in the right conditions, they excel at clearing the field. For example, the slow-firing Heavy turret may not be great against a regular swarm of Xenomorphs but it can wipe out entire squads of Synthetics when deployed correctly and with a high-ground advantage. As for the Flamethrower turret, it works brilliantly in corridors with chokepoints, unleashing fiery death on anything caught in its path.

Overall, the Technician functions well as back-up to heavy-hitters in your squad, providing covering fire, buffs, and traps that can whittle enemy forces down with precision.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more on the game, you can check out our review and our other guides that’ll get you prepped for the fight ahead.


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