All Nugget of Wisdom Locations – Psychonauts 2 Walkthrough

We show you where to find every gold Nugget of Wisdom in Psychonauts 2. Finding a Nugget of Wisdom instantly ranks you up, so you can upgrade your abilities. 00:06 Lobato’s Labyrinth 00:38 Hollis’ Classroom
01:08 Hollis’ Hot Streak
02:13 Compton’s Cookoff
02:42 PSI King’s Sensorium
03:35 Ford’s Follicles
03:50 Strike City
04:10 Cruller’s Correspondence
04:25 Bob’s Bottles 04:54 Cassie’s Collection
05:42 Lucrecia’s Lamment
06:28 Fatherland Follies For more Psychonauts 2 tips and walkthroughs, check out our full guide on IGN

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