Apex Legends Kings Canyon Gets Massive Changes In Season 5

In the Apex Legends Season 5 gameplay trailer, we see the first few shots of what happens to Kings Canyon when the new season starts next week. It’s a lot more than the destruction of Skull Town–much of Apex Legends‘ original map has changed.

In the screenshots embedded beneath the video below, you can see how Kings Canyon has changed. Loba‘s actions in the Season 5 launch trailer completely destroyed both Skull Town and Thunderdome, revealing a new underground area for squads to explore. Almost on the opposite side of the map, a new installation dominates the previously more rural area of Kings Canyon.

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Alongside Loba, Season 5 adds a brand-new battle pass and cosmetics to Apex Legends. The season implements Quests as well, a new story-focused mode that adds a PvE option to Respawn’s battle royale. Like the battle pass and daily/weekly challenges, Quests seems aimed at getting you to play Apex Legends almost every day–the new mode encourages you to drop into matches in order to unlock chapters in the mysterious new The Broken Ghost questline.

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