Arlo’s Video Doorbell shows both faces and packages

Oh look, Arlo’s doorbell now has a camera. | Image: Arlo

Arlo has done the obvious thing and put a camera into its doorbell, something the maker of security cameras somehow failed to do last year. The new Arlo Video Doorbell differentiates itself with a field-of-view that’s both tall and wide (aka, square) in order to show you faces as well as packages dropped in front of the door.

Arlo’s late entry into video doorbells is nevertheless packed with modern features. For example, it starts streaming video to your phone over Wi-Fi just as soon as the doorbell is pressed. You then have the option to send pre-recorded messages like “leave the package by the door” or “I’ll be right there” in addition to starting a two-way audio conversation.

Image: Arlo
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