Battlefield 5 Definitive Edition Out Now, Here’s Everything It Includes

After two years, EA is winding down development on Battlefield V and focusing on the next-gen Battlefield game coming in 2021. For those who never played Battlefield V, EA has released a Definitive Edition of the game that comes with everything from the past two years.

Included in the $50 USD Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbox One, and PC is the base game and lots and lots of extras, including every weapon, vehicle, and gadget, along with all of the Elite characters. Numerous cosmetics are also included with the Definitive Edition, including outfits and weapon skins, as well as vehicle “dressings.” You can see a full rundown of the Definitive Edition content below, as written by EA.

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Unlike previous Battlefield games, all of the post-release maps for Battlefield V were free as part of EA’s strategy to keep the playerbase connected, so all DLC maps are also included with the Definitive Edition.

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