Before Stranger Things 3 Premiere, Fortnite Has Been Invaded By Stranger Things Portals

Just ahead of the Stranger Things 3 premiere, it appears another crossover event is coming to Fortnite. Following the game’s second 9.30 content update, the portals from Netflix’s popular Stranger Things series have begun appearing in the game, conveniently in time for the launch of the series’ third season (you can read our Stranger Things Season 3 review here).

There are several portals in the game right now, and they can be found, fittingly, inside the Mega Mall, one of the new areas introduced to the game at the start of Season 9. It’s unclear what the purpose of the portals is–at present, they’ll simply teleport you to other areas of the mall if you walk inside one–but it could signal some more Stranger Things content coming to the game. Netflix had previously hinted at a Fortnite/Stranger Things collaboration around the launch of Season 3 (and the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor from Stranger Things 3 was even added to Mega Mall recently), so this could just be the beginning.

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This certainly isn’t the first crossover to happen in Fortnite. Epic has previously collaborated with a number of blockbuster films. Earlier this year, Fortnite hosted an Avengers: Endgame crossover event that allowed players to wield some of the Avengers’ iconic weapons. After that, the game held a John Wick crossover event to coincide with the release of John Wick 3. Epic Games boss Donald Mustard even appeared in the Avengers: Endgame re-release.

Fortnite is still in the midst of its 14 Days of Summer event. Until July 16, you’ll be able to complete new challenges and unlock some special summer-themed rewards. There will be 14 challenges in total, and if you manage to clear all of them by the end of the event, you’ll unlock the Smoothie back bling. Epic is also unvaulting a weapon and hosting a different limited-time mode each day of the event.

The aforementioned 9.30 content update went live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices on July 2, and it was a fairly minor one as far as Fortnite updates go, only adding a single new weapon to Battle Royale mode: the Drum Shotgun. Fortnite’s premium Save the World mode, on the other hand, has brought back a handful of festive heroes to celebrate the Fourth of July, while Fortnite Creative has received a handful of new prefabs and galleries.


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