Black Friday 2019 Deals: CoD Modern Warfare, Diablo 3, And Overwatch On Sale

Right now, Blizzard Entertainment is jumping into the Black Friday 2019 fray with all sorts of deals on its most popular games lasting until December 2. In a blog post, the developer detailed in great length all the deals you can get online right now through the official site. As of this time, this sale focuses on its catalog of PC games on, which includes Overwatch, Diablo III, and StarCraft 2, along with non-Blizzard games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the more recent Modern Warfare.

In addition to deals on games, Blizzard also has a sale on its merchandise site, the Blizzard Gear Store. Right now, you can find Overwatch Funko figures and other Blizzard-themed shirts, beanies, and hoodies on sale. Along with the site-wide discount, you can also use the promo code EXPLORE, saving 25% off on purchases over $75. But of course, the real savings here are the variety of games in this Black Friday 2019 sale.

There’s a lot on display, so here’s a quick rundown of all the key games to find in this sale. On the official Blizzard site, you can find many more deals on other games including Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, and a discount on BlizzCon’s 2019 Virtual Ticket as well, which can net you bonus items for different Blizzard games.

Diablo 3 (PC) Deals

The legendary loot-driven action-RPG series is having a bit of a renaissance following the reveal of Diablo IV at BlizzCon 2019. With a lot more interest in the series now, Blizzard has given Diablo 3 on PC a significant discount. In addition to the base game and its Reaper of Souls expansion, you can also net the complete Diablo 3 experience on sale at a significantly lower price. The Battle Chest edition is the base game and the Reaper of Souls expansion, but if you want to own the complete Diablo 3 experience–including the Necromancer add-on and some bonus gear for your classes–then you’ll want to get the Eternal Collection.

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Overwatch (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) Deals

Right now, you can play Overwatch for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One until December 4. But if you want to keep playing for the long-term on PC and consoles, then check out Blizzard’s sale on both the standard and legendary editions of the game. While both versions feature the same content, the Legendary edition will net you additional credits to spend in-game, along with more cosmetics for the roster of heroes.

StarCraft Deals

The StarCraft series has been a significant force within the esports scene for much of its lifespan, and it’s still going strong to this day. While the base StarCraft II game has since become free-to-play, the campaign expansions are paid standalone releases, which you can now get at a substantial discount. But if you’re looking to take a trip back to the early days of StarCraft, then you can also check out the sale on the recent remaster of the original game, which includes the Cartooned content update, which replaces all the visuals with heavily stylized visuals.

World of Warcraft Deals

For those who have had their eye on World of Warcraft, the Complete Collection might be your best way into the online universe. On sale now, the Complete Collection packages everything together in one neat bundle. In addition to the base World of Warcraft and its previous expansions, the collection also includes the current Battle of Azeroth expansion and a pre-purchase of the recently revealed Shadowlands. All current subscribers also get access to WoW Classic, allowing them to relive the MMO’s early years.

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Call Of Duty (PC) Deals

While is mostly populated with Blizzard games, other Activision games have also made it into the digital marketplace, such as the Call of Duty series. During Blizzard’s Black Friday 2019 sale, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare are discounted.

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