Bleeding Edge Will Add A Playable Dolphin Driving A Mech In Its Next Major Update

Bleeding Edge, the new multiplayer game from Ninja Theory, is adding a new character soon, and all players will be able to access them for free. The new character is Mekko, a dolphin piloting a mech, and they’ll arrive in an update scheduled for the week beginning April 27.

Mekko–which is, of course, a mash-up of “mech” and “echo”, was delayed slightly so that the game’s development team could deal with other issues. But now the character is on track for release.

Mekko’s abilities have been outlined on the game’s website. The character will be able to connect a lifeline to an enemy and absorb a percentage of the damage aimed at them, and can grant allies armor and lifesteal. Its supers allow it to hit enemies with huge sonic blasts or trap them inside a bubble, preventing them from attacking.

Beyond its abilities, though, Mekko is definitely one of the most fun bits of character design in the game.

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Alongside Mekko, the update will also introduce new unlockable emotes for all fighters, as well as the Techno Viking board to use.

Bleeding Edge is available for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One and PC. The game earned a 6/10 in GameSpot’s review.


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