‘Busted e-scooter’ was the best Halloween costume of 2019

Courtesy of @emdubbbb

Every year, people scramble to find that one Halloween costume that best captures the zeitgeist of the previous 12 months. This year, we got a lot of people who dressed like the cat in the “woman yelling at cat” meme and so many baby sharks. I don’t know if electric scooters qualify as a meme or just a massive trend that’s still chugging away, but this person’s “busted e-scooter” costume strikes me as the best one I’ve seen yet.

This costume would have worked well last Halloween, too. The e-scooter craze kicked off in late 2017, so it’s been going for a solid two years now. But I think it was wise of this person to wait until now before busting it out. E-scooters are firmly rooted in our collective consciousness. We know them. We’ve…

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