CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating GdeSlon seller site on WordPress

How to make a self-populating seller site on WordPress.

Go to “Tools” : “XML Api” section in the panel and generate the RSS feed for selected products. Your seller ID will be automatically inserted.

CyberSEO Pro plugin:
XMLfeed URL:

The GdeSlon XML API is an option for professionals. Do you know how to do everything yourself and want just an XML with your affiliate links? Create a keyword query and get the XML in Yandex.Market format. There are many parameters that you can use to configure your export as you want.
For example, a request “Vitek” with a limit of 50 products:

The current API allows you to get a list of product offers available on our service. Using the data from this list you can create offers for placement on your site.

q – Search keywords (you can search by product name, description and other attributes). You can use AND/OR/minus operators, example: iphone AND pink ZARA OR (MASSIMO AND DUTTI) iphone -pink
m – Advertiser’s uniq ID in our system (to search products owned only by a particular advertiser). You can provide multiple advertisers ID’s. See: Advertisers List
no_m – Advertiser’s ID to exclude their products from the search. You can provide multiple values.
articles – You can provide exact product ID (or even multiple, separated by comma).
tid – Search products only in particular categories. See categories list: json
no_tid – Exclude products which are contained in particular categories. See categories list: json
l – Number of products to display (max limit is 100)
p – Pagination
order – Ordering, you can order by price, partner_benefit, newest
_gs_at – Your API key
parked_domain_name – Parked domain (example