Desperados 3 Is Getting A Collector’s Edition With A Cool Music Box

Desperados III will mark the return of the series that hasn’t been seen since 2006 when it launches later this year. Fans of the series will be able to pick up a Collector’s Edition of the stealth tactics game that will come with some nifty bonuses, including a music box and five interchangeable figurines to affix to it.

The Collector’s Edition, pictured below, comes with the following bonus items:

  • Five 6-inch figurines
  • A music box, playing a piece of the soundtrack
  • Official Artbook
  • Official Soundtrack on CD
  • The Desperados III Season Pass including three new missions, coming in 2020
  • Eight Postcards
  • The game itself
  • A large premium box

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The game is not available to pre-order yet, but this edition is listed at GameStop for $120.

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