Destiny 2 Launches Charity Event That Gets You In-Game Prizes

There’s plenty happening in Destiny 2, including a just-released Exotic bow quest. But now, there’s another event that will let players loot and shoot for a good cause. Taking place on October 24 through November 10, players in Destiny 2 can participate in Games2Give, Bungie’s annual charity event for streamers and viewers alike to help those in need. Viewers who donate to streamers taking part in the event will also earn some special unlocks for your Guardian and Ghost.

In a blog post on its official site, Bungie stated that all proceeds from this charity event would go straight to Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids Program and the Children’s Miracle Network. Viewers who donate will earn limited-time rewards for your characters. For instance, the $10 donation will give you the new Mist Blossom emblem, while sending in $50 will let you snag the Exotic Ghost shell known as the Gilded Shell. Donating $100 will get you both previously mentioned rewards along with a submission into a larger prize pool for a set of rare physical prizes. This set includes the Destiny 2 soundtrack on vinyl, two Guardian figurines, and a real model of the Ghost’s Gilded Shell.

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For those interested in streaming, there are several prizes you can get on your own, which include the rewards above, along with a VoltEdge TX70 Wireless Headset, and a VIP trip to visit Bungie’s development studio. On October 29, Bungie and several content creators will take part in a special 24-hour livestream. During this event, the group of fans and developers and developers will take part in several daring challenges and activities to raise more funds for Games2Give.

Overall interest in Destiny 2 has increased in a big way following the re-launch as a free-to-play game and the release of the expansion Shadowkeep. In Phil Hornshaw’s review, he stated: “Returning to the moon is full of spooky fun, and while Shadowkeep might not be as huge as Forsaken, it still provides some impressive additions to the world that will take time to fully explore. More meaningful choices in Shadowkeep are pushing me to think beyond just packing my most powerful guns and shooting everything in my path. These are improvements that represent a giant leap forward for Destiny 2.”


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