Destiny 2: What Are Vex Mind Components In Shadowkeep?

There is, to put it mildly, a lot of new stuff going on in Destiny 2. The launch of Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying has brought a significant amount of changes and new content. As you advance through the season pass’s premium rewards, you’ll earn a new type of currency called Vex Mind Components. Ikora is said to accept them, but visiting her at the Tower doesn’t offer any option to trade them in. Here’s what we know about these new items so far.

Provided you’ve purchased Shadowkeep (and thus have access to the Season of the Undying’s premium track of battle pass rewards), reaching season rank 12 will earn you 25 Vex Mind Components. These are stored in the Consumables area of your inventory, and they’ll have to sit there for the time being. The description states, “Rare synthoneural components, essential in Vex Gate Network communication and navigation. Offer this to Ikora in exchange for Vex weapon artifacts.”

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Chatting with Ikora will yield a familiar sight: She doesn’t have anything in her inventory. But that’s likely to change this coming Saturday, October 5, when the major event of Season of the Undying–the Vex Offensive–begins. (The new raid, Garden of Salvation, also launches that day.)

Once the Vex Offensive begins, you’ll presumably be able to hand in the Vex Mind Components as part of the new activity. We don’t know all the details at this point, but we’ll report back with details on exactly what these items get you and how it all works. Presumably you’ll be able to earn Vex Mind Components in other ways, but you’ll earn more as you work your way up the premium battle pass: It rewards you with 25 components at ranks 12, 32, 52, 72, and 92.

In the meantime, you can scope out some of the spots on the moon where the new activity may take place. In several areas around the map, you can see a diamond icon with a Vex symbol inside of it. These are designated warpgate hot spots known as Vex Invasion Zones, and the description states, “Sol Divisive Vex incursions are targeting this area and could strike at any time. Guardians are advised to remain on high alert while attempting to travel to or through this location.”

While we wait for this to begin, there’s plenty to do in the meantime once you finish Shadowkeep’s relatively short campaign. That includes tracking down dead Ghosts and completing Essence quests.


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