Djay’s new feature can automatically separate vocals and drum tracks for mixing

Djay’s NeuralMix feature. | Photo: Algoriddim

Algoriddim is adding an impressive new feature to its Djay app for iOS: a set of sliders that let you instantly fade out certain portions of whatever track you’re playing, letting you highlight just the drums, the vocal track, or all the instruments in between. Algoriddim says the feature works well with just about any genre of music you throw at it.

“Heavy metal maybe wasn’t the greatest,” Karim Morsy, Algoriddim’s CEO, told The Verge. “But I would say everything else is pretty spot on.”

There are already ways that DJs can attempt to isolate different portions of a song, but they aren’t particularly reliable. The best option is still to have the official stems from a track, giving DJs the isolated vocals, drums, and so on.

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