DJI Osmo Mobile 4 leaks with convenient magnetic quick mounts

DJI OM 4 The Osmo Mobile 4 appears to be using a new magnetic mounting system. | Image: Roland Quandt

DJI could be about to announce a new smartphone gimbal called the Osmo Mobile 4 — now abbreviated “OM 4” — according to a new report from WinFuture. A video short posted to Twitter by WinFuture’s Roland Quandt shows two new magnetic mounting mechanisms that let you quickly snap your smartphone into the mount, a big improvement over the previous model.

If this trailer is accurate, it could mean the new Osmo has addressed one of the biggest complaints we had about the Osmo Mobile 3 when we tried it out last year. Previously, you had to slide your smartphone into a claw mount, but now it looks like you pre-attach a magnetic disk or claw to the back of your phone, letting you quickly snap the handset into the gimbal with the help of magnets.

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