Doom Eternal Release Week Deals: Pre-Order Discounts, Official Art Book, And More

One of 2020’s most anticipated games is nearly here: Doom Eternal releases this Friday, March 20, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release planned later this year. The first-person shooter is the sequel to Doom 2016 and the fifth entry in the Doom franchise. As usual, you’ll take the role of the Doom Slayer, who must battle through hordes of demons that have overrun Earth while wielding a new arsenal of weapons to rip-and-tear his way through.

If you’re excited to dive back into the world of Doom this Friday, you should consider snagging your copy early so you can take advantage of its pretty sweet pre-order bonuses. Plus, you can get the game itself on sale.

Best deals on Doom Eternal

$49.94 ($60)

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The best pre-order deal on Doom Eternal is at Walmart, which is selling the game for $49.94 ahead of its release (the same offer was available at Amazon, but it’s currently sold out). You’ll also receive its pre-order bonuses. You can check out everything your purchase includes below:

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