Dossier: The Assassin – Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Part 18

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition walkthrough, Dossier: The Assassin. Timestamps:
00:00 Ask Liara about The Assassin
01:10 Conversation with Seryna
02:56 Cutscene (Travel to The Tower)
05:25 Conversation with dying Salarian
12:35 New Weapon: Viper Sniper Rifle
13:31 Find more Salarians
15:36 Cutscene (Confront the Eclipse Merc)
18:50 Find even more surviving Salarians
26:25 Cutscene (Meet The Assassin)
30:17 Cutscene (Back on The Normandy) For more Mass Effect guides, including all romance options, choices and consequences, check out our full Mass Effect Legendary Edition walkthrough:

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