E3 2019: Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 Will Go To The Pacific Theater

During the EA Play conference around E3 2019, developer DICE outlined new content for its large-scale FPS Battlefield 5. One of the biggest additions is the inclusion of the Pacific theater of World War II in the single-player campaign Tides Of War and in the multiplayer modes. This will be a free update (like all Battlefield 5 content updates) that adds pacific theater missions and maps as Chapter 5 this fall.

DICE outlined that it has three maps planned to incorporate the Pacific theater, one of which will be Iwo Jima. There are also some new elements coming to the game, as DICE said it’s trying to capture the invasion experience and incorporate amphibious warfare with additional vehicles as US and Japanese forces hop from island to island. A classic weapon is also coming to Battlefield 5: the M1 Garand.

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DICE and EA outlined a content plan for Battlefield 5 leading up to the launch of the game back in November 2018; this included new missions, maps, and modes, like the battle royale mode Firestorm. Support for the game is continuing with three new multiplayer maps: Al-Sahdan in June, Marita in July, and Operation Underground in October. Chapter 5 content is likely to hit in November as it’s designated to roll out this fall.

Source: gamespot.com

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