Electric scooters popular with ride-sharing services can be hacked to suddenly accelerate or brake

An electric scooter popular with dockless, ride-sharing services can be made to suddenly accelerate or brake mid-ride thanks to a flaw in the device’s Bluetooth module, security research firm Zimperium reported Tuesday.

In a video published today, Zimperium researchers were able to demonstrate their “proof of concept” involving Xiaomi’s popular M365 scooter. The scooter was designed to allow users to remotely lock it using a Bluetooth-enabled app, preventing someone from riding it.

Through the hack, Zimperium was able to target any passerby riding any Xiaomi M365 —locking the device, as well as forcing it to accelerate and brake, without physically accessing the scooter. The researchers could issue commands to manipulate any scooter …

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Tags: Bluetooth, Video

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