Even Elijah Wood needs Twitter’s help to sell his Animal Crossing turnips

Image: Jessa (@directedbyrian)

The stalk market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is bringing the internet together. After one user shared her incredible turnip prices on Twitter today, it caught the attention of The Lord of Rings star Elijah Wood.

Wood privately messaged Jessa (@directedbyrian) asking for her Dodo code so he could visit her island to sell his turnips. Her shop today was purchasing turnips for 599 bells each, which is a particularly good number to sell your turnips — normally, a good selling price is between the 300 to 400 bells range.

After making a great profit on his turnips, Wood hung out with Jessa on her island. Not only did he compliment on how “beautiful” her island was, but Wood also showed proper Animal Crossing etiquette by asking if he may…

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