Every Xbox Series S Has A Secret Master Chief Inside It

Back when the Xbox One S first launched in 2017, teardowns revealed that the console hid a tiny stylized Master Chief in the form of an etching on one of its internal components. Now, teardowns of the newly released Xbox Series S have revealed that the same is true of Microsoft’s latest console, as picked up by Kotaku.

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A teardown posted by Modern Vintage Gamer found the easter egg, this time in the form of a tiny Master Chief helmet stamped on the console’s power supply.

It’s a cute touch for a part of the console that most users will never see–gaining access to your Xbox Series S’s internals requires removing two security stickers that will absolutely void the console’s warranty. The Xbox Series S’s minimalist black and white design was a stark departure from Xbox’s classic green and black consoles, so it’s nice to know that Xbox staple Master Chief is still keeping an eye on things from the inside.

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Source: gamespot.com

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