Explore Space in VR with $50 Off the Oculus Go This Black Friday

Best Buy has cut the price of the Oculus Go for Black Friday, saving you up to 25%. This standalone virtual reality headset normally retails at $249 for the 64GB version and $199 for the 32GB one. With plenty of space games and free space experiences, it’s the closest most of us will come to exploring the cosmos.  

If you’ve never experienced VR, or have only tried it on a smartphone, then the Oculus Go is the perfect first foray, especially at this price. It’s the little brother of the Oculus Quest, but costs less than half the price. 

It doesn’t have wires, everything you need is in the headset. You don’t need to tether it to a PC or wirelessly to your phone, everything you need is housed in the sleek and light headset. It even has great positional speakers so you can hear what’s going on in the virtual worlds you visit and where the sound is coming from.

Oculus Go 32GB VR Headset | $199 now $149 at Best Buy
The Oculus Go is a VR headset that pairs with a mobile device to allow access to hundreds of games and apps. 
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The Oculus Go has a library of hundreds of apps and games, many of which are free. You can become a dogfighting star pilot in the excellent Anshar Online or learn more about NASA training and missions in the cinematic Space Explorers narrated by Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson. Alternatively, why not explore Apollo 11 in an award-winning VR app. You can sit in the cockpit and experience take-off in your own private launch. 

It’s not just about space either. You can watch Netflix in total peace with the Netflix VR app, or even control your PC via a wireless virtual reality desktop. You can even watch movies and play games with your friends online. 

The Oculus Go comes with a sharp 5.5-inch screen and 64GB or 32GB of storage. Which you pick depends on how many apps and games you want installed at any one time. The battery lasts around two hours when playing games and two and a half hours when watching video. The Go takes around three hours to fully charge, which is probably the only downside when you want to keep using it. 

Aside from this minor annoyance reviews for the Oculus Go are positive with Techradar giving it a score of 4.5/5 stars and Cnet and Amazon 4/5 stars.

This is a great VR deal to treat yourself to, but the Oculus Go also makes for a great Christmas present. The Best Buy offer starts today, but we don’t know how long it will last.  

Walmart has a similar deal, but the discount is only on the 64GB version of the Oculus Go currently.

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