Faze Clan’s new feature-length film is part of an ‘immersive cinematic universe’

Photo: Faze Clan

Faze Clan is taking a page out of Marvel’s playbook. Today, the organization announced that it will release a feature-length film later this year, starring Faze talent, which will kick off what it describes as “an immersive cinematic universe.”

The “Faze Clan Universe,” as it’s called, is being created in partnership with Invisible Narratives, a digital studio helmed by former Paramount president Adam Goodman and film executive Andrew Sugerman. (The studio previously partnered with Michael Bay on a movie about the pandemic.) Currently, there are no details about the movie itself — such as a title or a plot — but Faze says that it will be entirely self-financed and will feature a soundtrack from Epic Records.

“Historically, Hollywood has…

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