FF7 Remake Intergrade DLC Walkthrough Part 1 – Chapter 1: Wutai’s Finest (Sector 7 Outskirts)

Yuffie the Ninja, from Wutai, has arrived in Midgar to get the upper hand on Shinra Electric Power Company. But first, she has to get into town. Here is IGN’s walkthrough of Episode INTERmission Chapter 1, Wutai’s Finest. (Walkthrough Part 1) Timestamps:
Opening Cinematic: 00:00
Sector 7 Slums – Outskirts: 02:30
Sector 7 Slums: 16:41 For more on Final Fantasy VII: Remake, including guides for Shinra Box Buster challenges and Happy Turtle Collectibles, check out our full guide on IGN: https://www.ign.com/wikis/final-fantasy-7-remake/INTERmission_Yuffie_DLC_Guide_-_Intergrade

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