Final Fantasy XIV Online Gets Butterfinger DLC In The Form Of A Mount Made Of Chocolate

Square Enix has once again teamed up with Butterfinger for a special campaign for Final Fantasy. As part of the new promotion, people can purchase $5 worth of Butterfinger bars or other products, take a photo of their receipt, and upload it to get special DLC.

This campaign runs May 3-June 30. Players who take part can get the “Chocorpokkur” DLC mount for Final Fantasy XIV. The redemption page is available at the Game With Butterfinger website.

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Buying Butterfinger bars is the only way to get the special mount, though it’s possible it will be available for everyone at a later date. The name Chocorpokkur is a play on words, blending chocolate and Korpokkur, which is a type of creature in the game.

“Chocorpokkur is a fast and functional mount helping players travel by land, air, and sea across the game,” reads a line from its description. The mount is available on any character on your Final Fantasy XIV account.

A number of popular Final Fantasy streamers–including MrHappy1227, AyyItsChevy, and Comicstorian–will show off the new mount as part of a livestream event on June 3. They are raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Additionally, Butterfinger announced it will donate $50,000 to Extra Life as part of this promotion.

Square Enix previously partnered with Butterfinger to make special DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Outside of the Final Fantasy series, Butterfinger teamed up with Halo for exclusive Halo Infinite DLC.