Fortnite: Obtain Literature Samples From Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, Or Retail Row

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 challenges are live a few days earlier than many anticipated. It seems like Tuesdays will be the day to grab your weekly bounty of XP for the Primal season, and the Week 2 challenges include another unique item to find that isn’t usually on the map. In this challenge, players need to obtain literature samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row. Here’s where you can find four literature samples to complete this Fortnite challenge.

Literature Samples in Pleasant Park

We’ve found two literature samples in Pleasant Park to get you halfway done with the challenge. Head to the brick house at the northwest corner of the town. Through the front door and then through the next to your immediate left is a bookshelf glowing faintly with the aura of a collectible item. Interact with it to grab your first literature sample.

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From there, head out the door you came in and down the sidewalk on your right. Pass the yellow house and head inside the white brick multi-story house. To your left as you enter is a living room with another bookshelf waiting to give you your literature sample.

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Literature Samples in Lazy Lake

The first literature sample is in the Lazy Lake gas station. Drop into town and enter the gas station’s storefront on the bottom floor where you’ll find a third literature sample sitting on a bookshelf.

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From there, exit and go to the multi-story spa at the edge of town. It’s the one with the pool in the backyard. Head past the pool and down the ramp into the parking garage. Walk through the door in front of you and find another literature item.

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Literature Samples in Retail Row

If you’re following the guide exactly as we’ve laid it out, you’ve already completed this challenge, but just in case you’re bouncing around or avoiding a crowd at the other locations, we’ve also found one literature sample in Retail Row to help you out.

If you look near the Big Shots store, just to the left of the ziplines leading into town, you’ll find a fifth literature sample inside a newspaper box. It looks different from the rest, but it will help you complete this challenge all the same.

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