Fortnite Unicorn Locations Map — Where To Search Unicorn Floaties (14 Days Of Summer Challenge)

Fortnite‘s 14 Days of Summer event continues to add new challenges and accompanying rewards to the game. With a new content update for patch 9.30 out now with the Drum Shotgun, you still have time to complete all of these special, limited-time challenges. Among the more difficult ones that might require a map is one where you have to search Unicorn Floaties at swimming holes. But where are they located? We’ve assembled a list and map of locations for these unicorns, and you can also check out the video guide above. Here’s what to do to complete the challenge.

Where Are Unicorn Floaties? All Locations

There are multiple swimming holes scattered around Fortnite’s map, but you only need to visit three of them in order to complete this challenge. You also don’t need to visit all three within a single match, although you may want to; a couple of them are located fairly close together, so you can take care of the challenge in one go.

We’ve found at least eight different swimming holes around the island; you can see their locations on the map below. As previously mentioned, you only need to visit three of these in order to clear the challenge, so for the sake of expediency, we recommend going to either the three northernmost or southernmost swimming holes, as they’re all bunched fairly close together. Here’s where you can find the unicorn floaties:

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  • Hot spring northwest of Lazy Lagoon
  • Beneath the dock in Lazy Lagoon
  • Near the northeastern shore of Loot Lake
  • In the body of water north of Lonely Lodge
  • Small pond in the northern side of Dusty Divot
  • In the swimming pool in Paradise Palms
  • In the desert between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields
  • In the water at the southern end of Fatal Fields

How To Complete The Unicorn Floaties Challenge

Once you know where to go, completing the challenge should be fairly straightforward. Simply locate the aforementioned unicorn floaties, and when you approach, you’ll see a prompt to “Search” them. Interact with the pool toys and you’ll be another step closer to completing the task. The floaties themselves are fairly small (certainly much smaller than the beach balls you have to bounce for a different 14 Days of Summer challenge), but they should be easy enough to spot once you’re in the right area.

Search three different unicorn floaties and you’ll be done with challenge. Your reward this time is a good one: the Neon Tropics wrap, which can be applied to weapons and vehicles in the game. You can take a look at the wrap, as well as screenshots of some of the floaties, below. If you need more help finding them, we walk you through where three of the floaties are located in the video at the top of this guide.

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There will be 14 different 14 Days of Summer challenges in total, and if you manage to complete all of them before the event ends, you’ll unlock a special smoothie back bling for your troubles. You can see the full list of challenges below, along with links to our other guides. Despite the event’s name, you’ll have until July 16 to complete all of the challenges.

14 Days of Summer Challenges


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