Fortnite Week 9 Guide: Where To Dance Between Ice Sculptures, Dinosaurs, And Hot Springs (Season 8 Challenge)

The world of Fortnite is in turmoil. Through a little bit of cross-promotional magic between Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame, the mad titan Thanos has once again appeared on the island, and this time he’s brought an army of Chitauri with him. All is not lost, however, as the iconic weapons wielded by the Avengers have also appeared, and players can use them against the power-crazy villain. But before you do any of that, there are the weekly challenges to complete, and one of them involves dancing at various locations on the island.

As always, the exact locations aren’t spelled out; instead you’ve got little clues that point you in the general direction. These include “between three Ice Sculptures”, “between three dinosaurs”, and “between four hot springs.” Some of you may know exactly where to go, but for those that don’t have an intimate layout of the island in their head, we’ve put together a quick guide that’ll get you where you need to be pronto.

For the first one, “between three Ice Sculptures,” your destination is the snow biome–naturally. Specifically, it’s just to the east of Frosty Flights, where you’ll easily spot the three sculptures. For “between the dinosaurs,” you’ll need to head south of Paradise Palms and, on the bend towards the lower part of the area, you’ll spy the red, purple, and green dinos hanging out–bust a move there. Finally, the four Hot Springs are just east of Risky Reels. There are two larger springs and two small ones, and you’ll need to get right in the middle of them all before gettin’ down.

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Fortnite Ice Sculpture, Dinosaurs, Hot Springs Locations

  • Ice Sculptures: East of Frosty Flights at grid reference C8
  • Dinosaurs: South of Paradise Palms at grid reference I9
  • Hot Springs: East of Risky Reels at grid reference G2

If you’ve completed the weekly challenges and are thirsting for more, there’s a special set of Avengers: Endgame challenges that will task you with completing specific objectives in the LTM. These include hunting down the Infinity Stones and even using Iron Man’s iconic repulsors. In return, you’ll get cosmetic unlocks. New challenges are going to be added regularly, and you’ll want to complete those too as the Quinjet is awarded to those that finish 10 of them.


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