Four new Apple Powerbeats Pro colors appear to have leaked

The new colors include red (pictured) as well as light blue, yellow, and pink. | Image: WinFuture

Apple looks set to release its true wireless Powerbeats Pro in four new colors if a series of leaked images published by WinFuture are to be believed. The images show the true wireless earbuds in red, pink, light blue, and yellow. 9to5Mac pointed out last week that a new set of Powerbeats Pro recently passed through the Federal Communications Commission, which could well be explained by these new colors.

It’s been just under a year since Apple released its last set of colors for the Powerbeats Pro. Last August, the company released the earbuds in white, green, and dark blue. These joined the Powerbeats Pro original black color scheme. These latest colors seem much more bright and colorful in comparison.

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