Foursquare’s founder really wants to know if his new phone-tracking feature is creepy or not

When you walk into a restaurant at this year’s SXSW, Foursquare’s new Hypertrending feature will know. Your phone will show up as a blip on a live map that literally anyone in Austin, Texas can access. And Foursquare founder and executive chairman Dennis Crowley just really wants to know: do you think that idea is creepy, or no?

“If this freaks people out, we don’t build stuff with it,” Crowley told TechCrunch, talking past the fact that he’s apparently already done so at SXSW.

Mind you, Hypertrending is anonymous in the sense that no one should be able to pin down exactly who’s inside a restaurant or bar. It’s designed to let other Foursquare users see which establishments are popular, but more visually than Foursquare’s trending…

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