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As another week comes to an end, two more PC games are free from the Epic Games Store if you need some weekend entertainment: mystery thriller Alan Wake and action fighting game For Honor. Epic has been giving away free games regularly for over eight months now, but it seems to be switching things up a bit lately. For one, this week’s free games became available on a Friday, rather than a Thursday, as usual. Secondly, for the past two weeks, Epic has been offering a pair of games rather than just one. The company explained that anytime it gives away a game with an M or PEGI-18 rating, which could be restricted by Parental Control settings, it will offer another free game that’s more accessible to younger players. In this week’s case, For Honor is rated M, and luckily, that means Alan Wake is available too.

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Alan Wake is an action-adventure game that unfolds like a mystery-thriller. The story follows best-selling writer Alan Wake, whose wife disappears during their vacation in the Pacific Northwest; soon after, he discovers pages from a thriller novel he doesn’t remember writing. “The foreboding atmosphere that permeates every inch of this wilderness never lets you forget the dangers that await the unprepared, but the feeling of dread that defines the early portions dissipates as you get deeper into this moody adventure,” wrote critic Tom McShea in GameSpot’s Alan Wake review, which scored the game an 8.5/10. “Alan Wake doesn’t offer enough surprises to keep you unhinged, but the storytelling is so enthralling and the combat is so frantic that you’ll be sucked in until the thrilling conclusion.”

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For Honor is also free this week. Set in a medieval-fantasy world, the fighting game features four main factions to choose from–Knights, Vikings, Samurai, or Wu Lin, the latter of which was added in the Marching Fire expansion. It earned an 8/10 in our For Honor review for its satisfying combat, rewarding skill progression, and multiplayer modes, although GameSpot’s Matt Espineli found the narrative lacking. “In its highest moments, For Honor is difficult to put down,” he wrote. “Its slow combat pace and narrative shortcomings might turn off those unwilling to take the time to dive deep into what it has to offer. However, make no mistake–those who do will be rewarded with some of the most satisfying multiplayer melee fighting conceived in recent years.”

Both Alan Wake and For Honor are free to claim now through August 9, when they’ll be replaced by Epic’s next freebie, GNOG. To claim the games, all you need is an Epic account, which is free to create if you don’t already have one. After adding the games to your account, they’re yours to keep forever.

Get Alan Wake and For Honor free at Epic


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