Get the first six Star Wars movies for the lowest price yet ahead of Rise of Skywalker


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is just days away, bringing a promised end to the nine-episode Skywalker saga on December 20th. But if you want to catch up on the earlier movies, you can pick up digital copies of Episodes 1 through 6 for the lowest price they’ve ever been: $42.99 over at the Google Play Store for HD copies of all six films.

The deal is also available at iTunes for $49.99, should you prefer to buy through Apple, $48.99 over at Vudu, or $45.99 at the Microsoft Store (if you’ve got a gift card to one of those services lying around). The digital six-film collection usually runs for $89.99, making it a fantastic deal for anyone who wants to marathon some Star Wars films before the last movie comes out.

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