Google beta testing Task Mate app in India; lets you earn money against simple tasks Google Task Mate

Google has started beta testing a new application called Task Mate that lets users earn real money by performing extremely simple tasks. Users will be required to complete these tasks using their smartphone and may need to travel to short distances according to the requirements of the tasks.

According to the description of the application on the Play Store, the tasks include taking a photo of a nearby restaurant, answering survey questions about personal preferences, or help translate sentences from English to the local language.

The app offers two distinct type of tasks – “Sitting” and “Field Tasks.” The first type of tasks can be completed while sitting at the home including transcription, simple translation or record sentences. While for the second type of tasks, users will have to step out to the nearby businesses and perform tasks like capture images of shopfront present the given address.

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Google Task Mate

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Google Task Mate

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Google Task Mate

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Since the app is in Early Access right now, Google has limited the registration to a handful of a select group of people who can sign up via a referral code. The users will be paid in the local currency and the payment can be withdrawn by linking e-wallet account to the app or with the help of in-app payment solutions.

The Google Task Mate is different from the Google Opinion Rewards that offer Play Store credits for responding to question asked around users’ recent visits or usage of applications on their smartphones. Google aims to

improve mapping services and bring business in your local area online” while the Sitting tasks will help improve translation and other related services.

Google had another similar service called Screenwise Meter that paid users to just keep the application installed on their phones. With the help of this application, Google could monitor and analyse users mobile traffic pattern. However, it came under scrutiny as it violated Apple’s policies and also monitored the usage behaviour of under-aged children.

Talking about the Task Mate application, while it can be downloaded from the Play Store already, you might need to get hold of someone who can share a valid referral code or wait for Google to open the application process for everyone.


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