Google Maps is making commute easier than ever – here’s how Google Maps

Ever since Google Maps entered our lives, daily commute to unknown destinations have become child's play. On a daily basis, it helps users get from point to point with ease, given inputs about routes, mode of travel and other similar features. Now, the company is testing a new feature that could result in faster commute. 

A report on Droid Life suggests that Google Maps would soon start showing traffic lights and stop signs for Android devices.

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The screenshots shared by a DroidLife reader, based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, shows traffic lights in both traditional map view and while navigating. While it seems that this feature will only show the presence of a traffic light instead of the real-time traffic signal, a live alert about the signal status would make the feature extremely handy.

A chance to one up Apple?

Incidentally, Apple Maps is ahead of Google when it comes to implementing this feature and it was first announced with the launch of iOS 13, almost a year back. Unlike Google, which doesn’t yet include traffic lights in the list of instructions and highlights them while you’re en-route, Apple uses them and alerts users via Siri in case you’re approaching a traffic light or a stop sign.

Such an alert is sent when you’re pressed against time and prefer to take the route that’s not only shortest but with the least number of traffic signals or stop signs.

While this new feature is not available for everyone as Google may be testing this with a handful of users. We’re hoping that Google sees the practical relevance of this feature and rolls it out for the public soon, obviously, it will be better if Google Maps introduce the live status of traffic signals as well.

Let us know if can spot traffic signals on Google Maps on your phone?


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