Here are December’s Xbox Games With Gold

Raven Remastered 1

How is it nearly December already? HOW?

There are some good things about the ridiculously fast passage of time, however. One: it means the hellfire year that is 2020 is almost over. And two, it means a new haul of games from our various monthly subscription services. Microsoft has just revealed December’s Xbox Games With Gold, which we can start downloading from Tuesday 1st December.

As always, four games make up next month’s Games With Gold offerings: two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. All four games are playable on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.


In terms of Xbox One games in December, subscribers will get The Raven Remastered and Bleed 2. The Raven Remastered is a point-and-click style murder mystery that casts you in the role of Constable Anton Jakob Zellner on a hunt for a legendary master thief. We reviewed the game upon its original release and very much enjoyed it.

Bleed 2, on the other hand, is slightly different. A side-scrolling platformer, you play as the pink-hair Wryn as she sets out to defend the universe from invading villains.

December’s Xbox 360 offerings are the excellent Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, the standalone expansion to Saints Row IV, and Stacking, a 3D puzzle adventure game filled with Russain stacking dolls.

See all four of December’s Games With Gold in action in the video below. Remember, you need to have either an Xbox Live Gold membership or a Game Pass Ultimate membership in order to redeem them.


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