Hey murder hornet how’s it going

Murder hornet. Dead. | Washington State Department of Agriculture

Hello it is I, your intrepid murder hornet correspondent. What’s a murder hornet, you ask? I wish I did not know. But as I wrote back in May, the Asian giant hornet (its official name) can grow up to two inches long, rips the heads off of honeybees, and has a stinger that can jam right through standard beekeeping suits. Oh and they can fly up to 20 miles per hour and their stings can kill you. Nature is the best.

Guess what, though: the heroes at the Washington State Department of Agriculture say they’ve trapped a murder hornet in the state for the first time (as opposed to finding one in the wild). The hornet was discovered in a trap near Birch Bay in Whatcom County on July 14th and positively identified July 29th.

The WSDA says his…

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