Hitman 3 Mendoza Assassination Guide: How To Unlock Every Challenge

With the ICA exposed, Hitman 3‘s next stop is the vineyards of a known Providence member who may be brewing more than just a fine wine behind the scenes.

Here are all of Mendoza’s assassination challenges and everything you need to do to complete them. For more tips and secrets, be sure to read our Hitman 3 walkthrough and guide hub. Otherwise, check out our other assassination guides below.

Notes of Hemlock / Hold My Hair

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Tamara Vidal only has one type of wine that she cares for, and it happens to be a rare bottle of Pinot. While she’s on her rounds with Burnwood, disguise yourself as a waiter and make your way down to the bar area on the ground floor. A bottle of Pinotcan be found in the storeroom to the right side of the bar, and once you have it, you can wait for Vidal to appear.

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