House approves new rules to stop robocallers

House Panel Considers Food Safety Bill Photo by Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

This afternoon, the House of Representatives approved an anti-robocalling measure, dialing up the heat that Congress has been pressing on telecoms and the Federal Communications Commission due to the onslaught of harmful calls over the past few years.

The Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act unanimously last week and sent it to the floor, preparing it for today’s 429-3 vote. If it becomes law, the bill would make it easier for the government to impose tougher penalties on illegal robocallers and fraudsters and demand that carriers deploy call authentication tech like SHAKEN/STIR at a faster pace.

“The rising tide of unlawful, unwanted robocalls started as a nuisance but now threatens the way consumers…

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