How Borderlands 3 Takes Inspiration From Titanfall 2 And Apex Legends

It’s been over four years since Gearbox Software last released a Borderlands title and, in that time, the first-person shooter genre has changed in many ways. Similarly, what players expect from a shooter has evolved. For Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software seems to have kept the changing times in mind, as it has showcased a number of gameplay mechanics that draw inspiration from the likes of Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, among other shooters.

During its gameplay reveal stream, Gearbox revealed that one of the notable gameplay additions made for Borderlands 3 is the ability to slide while sprinting and also climb up ledges so that elevated surfaces become reachable. Numerous games have used similar mechanics, but it’s perhaps most closely linked to Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

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Based on our experiences with Borderlands 3, we noticed that these traversal abilities look and behave a lot like they do in Titanfall 2. However, since you don’t get the little extra jump jet boosts, they are perhaps more comparable to Apex Legends, Respawn’s battle royale title.

The need to make Borderlands 3 feel like a modern shooter was something that Gearbox paid special consideration to, and director Paul Sage cites Titanfall 2 as one of the game’s inspirations.

“We’ve got to hit that mark of making this feel this good, making it feel like a modern shooter,” Sage told GameSpot. And so even though it seems really simple when you’re talking about, ‘Hey, how fast can I move my controller?’ Or, ‘How much … will it actually just kind of slow down when I’m moving across a target?’ All of those things take time to really tune and get right to make it feel like a modern shooter. So there are definitely things that I would say are inspiration from like all shooters.

“One of my favorite games from, what was it three years ago, is Titanfall 2. Dude, I love that game. And I thought the shooting was just fantastic. And so, yeah, I think there’s inspiration we take from all the games we’re fans of, because we’re all gamers and I think that’s true of the entire industry. I hope it is.”

Borderlands 3’s release date has been confirmed as September 13, 2019. It will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On the PC, it will be distributed through the Epic Games Store and remain exclusive to Epic’s storefront until April 2020. This decision proved to be quite controversial with fans and, in response, many began review bombing previous Borderlands games on Steam.

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