How to Carve a James Webb Space Telescope Pumpkin for a Very NASA Halloween

NASA has shared a trio of templates so you can carve your very own James Webb Space Telescope-themed pumpkin this Halloween. 

Each template includes carving instructions and a difficulty rating to match your jack-o’-lantern expertise. The level 1 template features a pattern for carving a profile view of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), while the level 2 template includes a pattern for carving the telescope’s giant golden mirror, which consists of 18 individual hexagons. 

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The level 3 template, which is rated as the most difficult, is called the James Webb Web and includes a pattern for the golden mirror with a spider web overlay. 

You can download the carving templates online and send photos of your carved pumpkins to, or tag @NASAWebb on Twitter or Instagram to share your final product. (Send them to us as well at 

A simpler carving design focuses on the James Webb Space Telescope’s giant golden mirror of hexagons.

(Image credit: Peter Sooy)

Every year, scientists and engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, also celebrate Halloween with a pumpkin-carving contest. Participants use various elements and props to create elaborate displays. NASA shared a fun guide with a few tips and tricks that JPL engineers use to carve their pumpkins. 

You can also celebrate Halloween this year with a space-themed costume. In 2018, Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist and science author, created a wearable version of the JWST. NASA also shared a few other JWST-themed costumes from previous Halloweens and tutorials for making your own.  

Are you planning a #NASAWebb costume for Halloween? 🎃 Please tag us, so we can appreciate and share! Here are some past examples and two tutorials for you: and (Images credit: Kellie Gerardi/Dirk Shoellner/Nina Cohen) #nasacostume 28, 2019

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