How To Clean Your Phone, Keyboard, And Other Tech

COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) has sparked a lot more diligence when it comes to cleaning your hands, but it’s also important to keep your most-used items clean as well. For us and many of you, that includes our tech devices, like phones, keyboards, and controllers. It can be hard to know what’s safe to use on your expensive gadgets or what’s even effective–there are a lot of products out there that are good at getting your stuff wet but not necessarily clean.

To demystify the process, we’ve put together this quick-and-easy guide to how to sanitize your phone, keyboard, and other common tech, including the best cleaning products we’ve tried and recommend.

How to clean your cell phone

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In the age of smartphones basically just being big screens, it’s easier than ever to keep your iPhone or Android device clean. However, it’s also very easy to damage your phone if you don’t choose the right products or methods to clean it with. And since it’s likely the device that comes with you everywhere you go, it’s important to sanitize your phone regularly.

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