How to watch The Apprentice 2019 online for free: stream from UK or abroad

The Apprentice 2019 is officially underway and as brutal as ever. Series 15 of this reality business show has arrived and as per, we can expect the businesswomen and men to do whatever they can for that £250,000 and a place in the sun. Not sure where you can get your fix of this dramatic reality series? Keep reading and we'll show you how to watch The Apprentice online – regardless of where in the world you are.

Who will Alan Sugar pick as his new business partner, and who will get fired? All will be revealed during the following weeks of cutthroat competition. 

Now with only nine contestants left for this year's Apprentice, the competition is officially underway which means explosive boardrooms, fighting over who is in charge and the whopping £250,00 is the goal. 

Episode six may have brought an actual roller coaster but it was episode seven that had the shocking elimination. Don't worry, we won't tell you in case you're still catching up – what we will tell you is that the winners of the challenge got the reward of being sent to an indoor ski centre.

But now we are ready for a whole new episode with a brand new challenge and of course, elimination. The contestants will definitely have to up their game, especially the ones who have been somewhere in the middle – competition is becoming more brutal by the minute.

Don't miss out on a second of the action – keep reading to find out how you can watch The Apprentice online from anywhere in the world (and we do truly, mean anywhere).

How to watch The Apprentice online for free in the UK:

To watch The Apprentice all you need to do as a UK resident is get onto the BBC. You also need to have paid your licence fee, but that's the law so we're going to presume you've done that! The final will be aired on BBC One which can be watched via an aerial or the internet. 

To watch the show via internet this is possible live using BBC iPlayer or You can also watch the show after it's aired on catch up using BBC iPlayer which is on a host of devices including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Stream The Apprentice from anywhere else in the world for free:

If you're out of the country or live abroad but still want to watch the final episodes, fret not, it's still possible. You can access the BBC iPlayer via the app or a dedicated TV streaming website as long as you appear to be in the UK. This is possible using a VPN and

Which VPN is best for you? Our fave is ExpressVPN . And how do you use that to access The Apprentice? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Who are the contestants on The Apprentice 2019?

Presenting the 16 wannabe businessmen and women

  • Dean Ahmad, 20, Sports Management Agency Owner
  • Scarlett Allen-Horton, 32, Recruitment Company Owner
  • Lewis Ellis, 28, Digital Marketing Project Manager
  • Shahin Hassan, 36, Chartered Engineer
  • Pamela Laird, 29, Beauty Brand Owner
  • Carina Lepore, 30, Artisan Bakery Owner
  • Lottie Lion, 19, Librarian
  • Ryan-Mark Parsons, 19, Luxury Womenswear Consultant
  • Thomas Skinner, 28, Pillow Company Owner
  • Marianne Ralwins, 23, Risk Management Consultancy Owner

Who has already been eliminated?

  • Shahin Hassan, 36, (Chartered Engineer)
  • Kenna Ngoma, 24, Ice Cream Company Owner
  • Souleyman Bah, 20, Para Athlete and Motivational Speaker
  • Lubna Farhan, 33, Finance Manager
  • Riyonn Farsad, 30, Events Manager
  • Iasha Masood, 27, Account Manager
  • Jemelin Artigas 34, Network Marketing Consultant

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