HTC’s latest VR headest doesn’t need external trackers, but it feels like it does

After starting out as extremely limited versions of their PC-powered counterparts, standalone VR headsets are starting to get pretty advanced, at least on paper. The most recently announced example of this is the Vive Focus Plus, a self-contained headset that HTC first revealed last week, and which we were able to try for ourselves at Mobile World Congress 2019.

The most obvious upgrade the Vive Focus Plus has over the original Vive Focus is its controllers. Instead of the single controller you got with the original Focus, you now get two. More important however, is the fact that they both now support 6 degrees of freedom (or DoF) rather than the 3DoF found on the original. What this means is that as well as tracking how they rotate,…

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Tags: HTC, Mobile, Tech, VR

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