IKEA Announces Huge Lineup Of Gaming Furniture, Including A Big Wooden Hand

IKEA has spent years working on a line of gaming furniture, and now it’s finally ready. The Swedish furniture giant has announced its gaming range that it developed in partnership with Republic of Gamers, and it includes everything you need to deck out your gaming room and potentially some stuff more esoteric items.

In a statement, IKEA said getting into gaming was a “natural step” for the company due to the increasing number of people who enjoy games. Acknowledging its lack of knowledge and experience in gaming, IKEA said it found a good partner in Asus’s Republic of Gamers brand to help the company behind $1 hot dogs design the furniture.

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“Combining the best of these two worlds, the collaboration aimed to democratize the gaming experience, by creating relevant, functional, beautiful, and affordable products and complete gaming solutions to make it easier for everyone to create the setup and the home they want,” IKEA said.

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