In the forums this week: Perseverance prizes, exploration and breaking theories!

This week, we kick off our Perseverance Prize giveaway. Celebrating space exploration even further, we talk about the next frontiers we’d like to see explored. Finally, community members take on a mind-bending theory about alternate universes!

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 Our Perseverance Giveaway! 

We’re giving away two prizes — this Mars 2020 Perseverance rover commemorative landing coin and a mission patch — to one lucky winner. (Image credit: Future)

Our latest giveaway kicked off this week, offering up a pack of commemorative prizes. One lucky winner will be walking away with:

 (1) NASA JPL Perseverance Exploration Program Mission Patch  (1) NASA Mars Perseverance Landing Coin 

All you have to do is follow the instructions over at this thread. Remember, following each step makes sure your entry is valid! 

 What are you bringing? 

Our Community Question this week focused on preparing for space exploration. Suppose you were getting for a journey to a very distant planet, one that would mean a year’s worth of travel each way. What would you bring with you? The community came up with some fascinating answers:

Software to analyze the now very bright blue-shifted objects ahead of us, which were too dim for Earth scopes. Such relativistic speeds greatly brighten on-coming objects.

Extra Cheetos. – Helio

I would take Elon Musk with me. He would know how and where to navigate, getting us there safely and returning safely. He would make a great space partner. Plus, he’d be cool to hang out with! – Pearl

A very large amount of digital media including music, books and photographs and devices to use it. Toothbrushes with toothpaste to last two plus years and as much toilet paper I can carry. A handball and football if gravity is simulated along with my favorite baseball cap. Also if I could I would take extra fuel. – richWorld

Check out the rest of the thread here.

Spill the Infinity

There aren’t very many things that can sink you down a rabbit hole the way that thinking about infinity can. However, what if a community of math aficionados and space enthusiasts got together and, say, debated it? How do you debate infinity, you ask?

Here’s just a taste of the conversation:

Well infinity is a big number 🙂 Consider the universe size in the BB model, only 46.5 billion light years radius, How Big Is the Universe?

Presently telescopes can only see out to about 13.5 billion light-years from Earth (z ~ 12) so that leaves 33 billion more light-years presently not observable. Now this discussion introduces an infinite number of universes.

How do you plan to observe those infinite numbers of universes from Earth? – Rod


“How do you plan to observe those infinite numbers of universes from Earth?”

Who says that is possible? – Catastrophe

Head over to this thread for more.

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