In the Tall Grass director Vincenzo Natali doesn’t know if Stephen King read his script

Photo: Netflix

Vincenzo Natali is the kind of director who makes the cult movie-steeped audiences at Austin’s annual Fantastic Fest swoon. He isn’t a household name, but his distinctive, creative low-budget genre movies have earned him a strong reputation among the kind of people who can list off a dozen Dario Argento movies without checking the internet. Natali’s 1997 indie movie Cube is a particular case in point: a low-budget Canadian science fiction film about a group of strangers who wake up trapped in a prison shaped like a seemingly endless maze of cube-shaped rooms. His 2013 movie Haunter takes a similarly claustrophobic approach to a very different story, as a dead girl (Abigail Breslin) haunting a house she can’t escape begins dealing with…

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