KFC’s Chicken-Warming Console is Real! Probably

KFC Chicken Console

KFC have announced that, after a couple of next-gen appropriate delays, their long-waited KFConsole is a reality!

No, you’re not going mad, nor have you slipped into an alternate reality where fast food chains fuelled the console wars. Kentucky Fried Chicken have, in association with Cooler Master, created a ‘console’ that keeps chicken warm.

We say console but it’s actually a compact gaming PC which, according to Cooler Master, is capable of delivering 4K gaming and sports the internals of an Intel Nuc 9 mini PC, coupled with an ASUS graphics card. It’s not capable of cooking chicken, but it apparently uses the heat the system generates to keep chicken warm, when stored in the special internal compartment.


Assuming, that is, the KFConsole actually exists. Going by KFC’s video, which you can view below, it has more of a physical presence than GAME’s Mario and FPS fragrances. The latter seem to exist only as 3D renders but, going by the video, there’s at least one actual KFConsole in existence.

However, we’ll be very surprised if the KFConsole becomes widely available. You can expect a couple of units to find their way onto YouTube, while for most of us the device remains a gimmick, like a Lifetime movie about Colonel Sanders.

Source: GameSpew.com

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