Lego space deals: discounts on spaceships, space stations and NASA kits

Prepare for liftoff with a host of out-of-this-world Lego space deals. The brick-building toymaker has a huge range of space toys and sets out there, so we’ve searched the internet for the very best Lego space deals and put them in this handy guide, so you don’t have to.

The Lego Space sets featuring in this guide include replica rockets, satellites, space shuttles and other vehicles to inspire budding astronauts in and space fans everywhere. 

There’s a great variety of Lego space sets in this guide, both in terms of content and price. Some Lego sets work well as centerpiece items, they tend to cost more but come with more pieces and take longer to build. Other products are designed to be played with as a toy once built and can be better suited to younger builders. Either way there’s a set for everyone and every budget in this guide. 

This isn’t the only guide we have for Lego sets, though. Be sure to check out our guides to the best Lego Star Wars deals and best Lego Star Wars sets. You can find more great savings on our best deals for space fans and best Lego deals pages.

We’ve sorted this page into categories to help you find the best Lego space deals. Whether you’re on the lookout something for the young space fan in your life, or a cool-looking model to build, we’ve got the best discounts you can find. 

There’s some great end-of-year deals for Lego space sets, and we’ve included them below.

Lego space dealsNASA Lego sets

(Image credit: Lego)

This section includes deals on some of the best sets Lego has to offer that were inspired by NASA. Although you could use these sets as toys, they are centerpiece items and would work better on display, due to the number of pieces and the difficulty to build. 

Ranging from rockets and shuttles to the International Space Station, the NASA Lego sets section of this guide has a great variety of products for you to choose from. 

Lego NASA Apollo Lunar Lander

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Lego NASA Space Shuttle DiscoveryLego NASA Apollo Saturn V

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Lego International Space Station 

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Lego space and alien sets

(Image credit: Lego)

It’s not just NASA inspired kits that Lego makes, but they’re also responsible for more general space sets and cool toys. These Lego space sets are cheaper than the Lego NASA ones and are better for playing with. That said, the play sets don’t necessarily have the display factor as collectable sets. 

These sets are better suited for younger children, but that doesn’t limit the fun to just children, anyone can have fun while building or playing with them. 

Lego Space Shuttle AdventureLego City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control 

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Lego City Mars Research Shuttle

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Lego Space Rover Explorer Lego Space Mining MechLego Cyber DroneLego Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Space RocketLego SatelliteLego Duplo Space Shuttle MissionLego Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar 


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