Logitech is buying Streamlabs for $89 million

Image: Logitech

Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs, which makes the popular live streaming app Streamlabs OBS, for approximately $89 million in cash. The pairing seems like a natural fit, as Logitech already makes widely-used gaming peripherals and streaming gear.

Streamlabs OBS already helps streamers set up their streams, track donation alerts, set up stream overlays, follow their chats, and more. Logitech makes popular gaming and streaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, and webcams, and owns Blue Microphones, a frequent mic choice for streamers, so owning Streamlabs should, in theory, should make for better integration with all of its hardware already used by streamers.

On its website, Streamlabs boasts that 70 percent of Twitch uses…

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